My name is Molly Solie and welcome! Thank you for your interest in Molly Solie Graphic Designs.
I have been working for the Verona Area Chamber of Commerce for six years and have garnered TONS of experience in graphic design, creating nearly every piece of graphic imagery associated with the organization, along with a few items here and there for their members, when asked. I am responsible for the weekly newsletter, social media, brand management and supporting the executive director. And while I love my job with the Chamber, I am working on focusing on what I do best, which is graphic design. My time with the Chamber has convinced me I may, in fact, have what it takes to do this thing!
So, looking for professional quality design on a quick project but don't want to pay those overhead costs for a full marketing team? Then call me! I am an independent freelance graphic designer with experience in start-up branding, marketing for events, any size print projects (from business cards to billboards), social media graphics, logos, and even some web design (for function, I'm happy to refer you to someone!) I am also an illustrator. My work tends towards feminine, mysterious, and edgy and I work with graphite, watercolor, ink and acrylics. I offer a wide range of skills and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the unique personality of a business or event and communicating that personality with the consumers.
- - My History - -
I am Wisconsinite by blood but born and raised in a little forest in Northern New Jersey to musically and artistically inclined parents. My father is a scientist, incredibly skilled classical pianist who prefers strange, modern pieces to that of Mozart or Beethoven. My mother is a retired piano teacher who built her life around the pursuit of “being there for her kids”. My half sister is a free-spirited artist, dog-groomer/trainer and expert in everything that piques her interest. I mention these people because it is around them I shape my own identity.
I am a singer with a special fondness for belting out the Broadway tunes of yore and the Great American Songbook. My college degree is in English, specializing in writing and I received a minor in Art. I went back to school for graphic design about 8 years ago, desperate to one day have the creative career I desire. Unfortunately, the school I chose to pursue my new career as a graphic designer was not well-run and shut down shortly after I graduated. And while I’d love my money back, I can’t claim I didn’t get a top-notch education from three wonderfully talented instructors. Four years ago, I met my wonderful, unique soul-mate and we got married two years ago. He is a wonderful and patient partner as we struggle to adult.
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